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Fun with mates

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Not sure which experience is best for your mates? See which experience we would recommend for you:


Get the crew together and get into the swing of things with an experience that will take you sky high! Whether it’s a spontaneous adventure or you’re looking to celebrate in unique style, we will make this one unforgettable!

Don’t worry if you have a mixture of experience. Some may be a little scared and others wanting the full shebang – we’ve got you covered, and we’ll do all the hard work for you. So, step up, we’ll clip you on and let your wings fly!


Two great options to choose from below



Original Canopy Tour logo

First time ziplining or at heights

Some of the group are quietly freaking out

Unsure of fitness levels

Like the scenic route

Wanting more forest than thrill

The Ultimate Canopy Tour logo

Up for a challenge

Wanting bigger, faster, longer

Want to race each other

Wanting to stretch the comfort zone

Going big or going home

Find out what our happy customers have to say about their tours below

My husband and I have been on zipline rotorua tour before and had a great time, so we wanted to bring my mum, our children and their partners along.

It was pretty fun! The guides were really delightful and we really enjoyed the safety aspect. My mum commented how safe you feel all the time as you see them going through procedure meticulously and the guides are very easy going and laugh with you and make jokes. The guides take their time and don’t make you feel nervous, you feel confident because of their confidence in you.

My advice to everyone would be to just do it! Everyone was grinning at the end of the tour and we were all saying we wanna come back and do the Ultimate one.

Andrea – New Zealand
Original Canopy Tour  2020

I had been told about Rotorua Canopy Tours by a friend when my 60th birthday was coming up. I wanted to do something with my family for my birthday that was memorable and everyone would find fun.

I really enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. Everyone was friendly to us and it was very well run.

I was bit nervous on the first zipline but the guides were professional, fun and knowledgeable. I loved the beautiful pristine bush, it felt like we were the only people there. The tour was a good mix of information and fun. I enjoyed learning about the conservation and knowing that something was being done for the environment. It was quite a unique experience and I’ve never done something like that before.

I would say to any family to do it!

Suzanne – New Zealand
Original Canopy Tour  2020

Original Tour Course

Ultimate Tour Course

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