The North Island robin is a very friendly and trusting bird and is endemic to New Zealand. This curious wee bird is known to come within a couple of meters to people, and at Canopy Tours some are cheeky enough to come and feed off of your hand!

Click here to listen to a North Island robin

Facts about the North Island robin

  • North Island robins measure 18cm from beak to tail, and weigh about 35 g. They are usually dark grey with a pale greyish lower breast and belly, exact colouration varies dependant on age and sex.
  • All North Island robin have a little patch of white feathers at the base of their beak, usually unseen the robins flash this patch when interacting with other birds in the forest.
  • The robin’s diet consists mainly of invertebrates, including tree weta, stick insect and mealworm. It they have an item too big to swallow whole they will fling it around against the ground or a log to break it into smaller pieces. They will hide any uneaten portions of food in crevices or holes on tree trunks and branches of trees to be retrieved and eaten later.
  • The female robin builds the nest and the male will collect and bring her food every 20min. Only females incubate their clutches of usually 2-3 eggs. Once the chicks are more than 5 days old the males will stop bringing his mate food, and instead will bring all the food back for his chicks to eat.



Check out this video of a North Island robin at Canopy Tours!

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