Written by: James Fitzgerald, Managing Director. August 2015

Rotorua Canopy Tours quietly slipped past its third birthday in August and at the completion of our third winter in Rotorua it’s a big thank you to the local industry for the huge support to get us here.

It hasn’t been easy and there has been more than a lifetimes worth of sleepless nights and spectacular mistakes but we have recovered from them all and after 3 years we can say with confidence we are in a great space. Our 4 staff, 1 van operation that we started with seems a lifetime ago.

2015 has been an interesting year – Summer was outstanding but demand though winter has fluctuated between too much and too little, leaving me to conclude winter was okay. Strong growth from North America and China and consistent Australian growth saved us from an average winter. I wonder if the rest of the industry experienced the same dramatic ups and downs.

Our loyal team continues to grow and we’ll head into summer with more than 30 staff to keep the place humming. Plus we have had had some significant milestones this year – the main one being our decision to move the Rotorua Canopy Tours headquarters to accommodate the growing demand. In May we purchased an empty section opposite Skyline at 147 Fairy Springs Road  and we’ll be operating from there from December the 8th.

The move will give us 60% more capacity through the peak periods meaning we can run 16 Tours a day without compromising the ‘alone in the forest’ experience. And then in August we finalised a 3 year partnership with the Department of Conservation which will ensure sufficient funds and assistance in restoring the entire Dansey Road Scenic Reserve to how it once was!

Rotorua-Canopy-Tours-James-Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald, Managing Director

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