The Native Forest – Dansey Road Scenic Reserve

Once you step into this magical native forest you will understand why we want to show it off and protect all the native creatures that call Dansey Road Scenic Reserve home.

It’s a fairy tale setting full of plant, tree and animal species found nowhere else on earth, and it’s all been there before humans even discovered New Zealand! You will see tiny kidney ferns, filmy ferns, and crown ferns as you walk through the native forest, your kiwi guides will point out the different types of trees and brightly coloured fungi. From the very first zipline, you will have panoramic views of the ancient forest, and the trees that tower above the canopy. You will even get to experience standing on a platform 22m high on an 800-year-old rimu tree!

Dansey Road Scenic Reserve is government land and is protected by the Department of Conservation forever. We have a special license operate in this forest – and we can’t wait to show it to you!

With the introduction of pests like possum and rats into New Zealand our native forests have suffered, Canopy Tours runs a conservation program to protect the forest and the native animals that live there. With 20% of the forest currently under predator control, birdsong has returned and Canopy tours visitors can now feed our native birds such as the rare North Island Robin. Kaka have been spotted perched in the trees and where once a wood pigeon was a pleasant surprise, they are now rowdy regulars filling themselves with Tawa, Miro and Rimu berries safe from predation. Click here to learn more about the birds you might see during your time with Canopy Tours.


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