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Rotorua Canopy Tours

  • Rotorua Canopy Tours offers two amazing eco adventures.
  • No more than 10 participants per tour – small and personal.
  • Two professional kiwi guides per tour.
  • Both experiences take place in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve, only 10 minutes drive from Rotorua Canopy Tours base.
  • The Dansey Road scenic reserve is an ancient native forest, with trees that have stood for over 1000 years. 
  • Free photos are taken by guides for visitors.
  • Thousands of people aged over 75 have been on a Canopy Tour, the eldest zipliner (so far) was 93.
  • Rotorua Canopy Tours opened in August 2012.
  • Conservation efforts started in August 2013.
  • The Ultimate Canopy Tour started in July 2018.


Facts about Rotorua Canopy Tours Conservation

  • 280 ha of the forest is under total predator control.
  • 652 traps are currently dispersed and active throughout the forest.
  • A portion of every admission fee from the zipline tour goes directly back into conservation.
  • Traps used are a mixture of Goodnature A24 Rat traps, A12 Possum traps, Doc200 and Doc250 traps.
  • Rotorua Canopy Tours staff (guides and office staff) maintain the traps and trapping lines in the forest.
  • With the introduction of rats, possums, stoats and other animals, over 40% of New Zealand’s birds have become extinct since the arrival of people.
  • Every night 70,000 native birds are killed by pests in New Zealand, with about 260 million killed each year.
  • Only 5% of New Zealand’s native birds make it to adulthood in the wild.

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