The best ziplines in the world

At Rotorua Canopy Tours we are more than just the ziplines and sometimes we tend to forget to even talk about them.

Canopy Tours is not the only zipline around, there are lots of great ziplines right here in Rotorua and around the world. In fact, of the best ziplines in the world I have managed two of them! So, I thought I should take some time to write about the best ziplines in the world that I have experienced.

SuperFly Ziplines – Whistler, Canada

One of the best ziplines in the world is SuperFly Ziplines in Whistler, Canada. I was the manager here before moving back to New Zealand with my family and becoming the General Manager at Rotorua Canopy Tours.

This is the premier zipline experience in North America. It started as a 4 line tour with ziplines up to 400 metres long. But, through the vision of the founder Joey Houssian, this zipline became huge when two more lines were added. These ziplines spread from one mountain range to another, spanning 1.2km and 1.4 km in length each. This ride is now wild, with the average time zipping being over a minute and speeds up to 100km per hour.

Paradise Ziplines – Glenorchy, Otago

This is one if New Zealand’s newest ziplines and one of the best ziplines in the world. Located in the Paradise Valley in Glenorchy, Otago. Paradise Ziplines, built by the founder of another top NZ tourism product Canyon Swing, is a half day zipline experience with 8 ziplines in total. The ziplines run down a tight river canyon and some have you flying just meters above water as you wind your way down the gorge. This is a unique tour and a great adventure that makes you feel like you are on a backcountry adventure. Definitly work checking out if you are in Otago.

Rotorua Canopy Tours – Rotorua, New Zealand

I am the manager of Rotorua Canopy Tours, so, this may be biased but I think this is the best ziplines in the world. And, infact I’m not the only one. Rotorua Canopy Tours has won many awards over the years, most reciently it was named by Trip Advisor as the world’d best nature experience!

Canopy Tours operates two zipline tours, the Original Canopy Tour and the Ultimate Canopy Tour. I have been on both tours over 50 times and they are increadible every time. Our experiences operate in a native forest and most ziplines run tree to tree, high in the canopy. On the Original Canopy Tour, the ziplines run through the canopy as well as above, my favourite is the final Flutter. Although it’s not as big as the 220 mete line, it’s the last zipline on the course and in inclosed by stunning native forest. This is the zipline where you can also go upside down. As our tours are small group experiences, I love the way the tour cheers each other on during this final zipline, encouraging each other to tumble upside down while flying through the trees.

On the Ultimate Canopy Tour, my favourite zipline is the third line. It’s when you come out of the forest and the ground drops away, you fly out into the open valley and onto a volcanic cliff walkway, build 50 metres off the valley floor. The Canopy Tours team have a feature on this line that controls your speed the whole way down, turning this into an experience line. It’s here you can slow down to truly appreciate the scenery in this increadible native New Zealand forest.

EcoZip – Waiheke Island, Auckland

EcoZip is located on the famous Waiheke Island near Auckland. This is a fantastic zipline tour and another of the best ziplines in the world. They have dual cables, each over 200m long where you can fly side-by-side with a friend. The thing I love about this product is that it forces you to get out of the city and do something different. Waiheke is famous for its wineries as much as it is for its adventure activities. My favourite EcoZip zipline is the 1st zipline called the Vineyard Cruise. Here you can see the skyline of the city and soar over a working vineyard with over 2,000 vines of Syrah.

So, there it is. My rundown of the the best ziplines in the world. Every course is unique and has made the most of the environments and showcases them well. I hope you enjoyed my top picks, and please feel free to reach out with any thoughts or feedback on the best ziplines in the world.

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