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We have two tours to choose from.

Our world-class Original Canopy Tour and the next level, Ultimate Canopy Tour.

Whether you’re stepping off for the first time or a seasoned pro, our tours will match every appetite for adventure. Immersing you into the ancestral lands of Tura Te Ngākau Ki Ngongotahā, our ancient native forest, Okoherirki (Dansey Reserve), is just 15 minutes from central Rotorua. The forest’s secret entrance is only used by Canopy Tours and is the setting for your unrivalled adventure.

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Rotorua Canopy Tours Risk Disclosure Statement

Rotorua Canopy Tours is an adventure activity that has risks and the potential to encounter hazards due to the nature of the activity and the unpredictable natural environment in which the tour operates.
Rotorua Canopy Tours operates a strict safety management system that is audited to New Zealand standards and best practice for adventure activities including weather operating parameters to reduce exposure to these risks and hazards; however, we cannot completely mitigate all of them. It is important you are aware of these and that these risks and hazards may lead to injury, serious harm or death.
Specific hazards and risks include but are not limited to vehicle accidents, falls from height, zipline collisions, entanglement in equipment, slips and falls, falling debris, staff errors, suspension trauma, exposure to typical NZ conservation practices such as trapping and adverse weather effects due to varying environmental conditions that can change quickly and without much warning. Weather can include but not limited to thunderstorms, strong winds and gusts, rain, heavy rain, hail and occasionally snow, as well as extreme temperatures and humidity (seasonal depending).
Rotorua Canopy Tours will provide wet weather and warmth gear if required and will not let anyone participate if not dressed appropriate for the forecasted weather.

Physical requirements

Participants must be under 120kg (264.5lb), be comfortable with being at heights, able to walk on uneven terrain, cross swing bridges, and ascend stairs, see this link for specific tour requirements. Participants should be well fed and hydrated before arriving.

Participants should be prepared for physical demands if the tour needs to evacuate due to changes in weather or an emergency during the experience.  An evacuation would require walking up to 1 hour on uneven forested trails with small inclines, declines, soft ground, and exposed tree roots.

At most times during the experience, we are over one hour from the nearest hospital. Guests with a history of cardiac complications, those with low fitness levels who may be strained with the exertion of exercise, or those with any other significant health-related complexities who may require immediate help are at risk of not receiving treatment promptly.

Individuals with such conditions should seriously consider whether they can complete the experience safely and comfortably. Emergency Services are not able to access most locations easily within the forest. Please contact us before booking if you have any concerns.

We take all practical steps to ensure your safety throughout the experience but by acknowledging this risk disclosure you and anyone you are booking for are aware that we can’t fully mitigate all risk and hazards and your safety cannot be fully guaranteed.