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The Original Canopy Tour will transport you into an ancient forest, elevate you above the canopy, while exhibiting the beauty of New Zealand’s unique natural identity.

This can only be truly discovered with your feet off the ground!! We have conjured up the perfect mixture of breath-taking swing bridges, tree-based platforms, a conservation trail, and of course, exhilarating ziplines! Our expert team will guide you through every point with care, humour, and professionalism, while ensuring your absolute safety! Come with us and immerse yourself in our remarkable forest landscape.

Exhilaration and nature, who wouldn’t get attached?

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Risks Disclosure

Rotorua Canopy Tours is an adventure activity that has risks and the potential to encounter hazards due to the unpredictable natural environment in which the tour operates. Rotorua Canopy Tours operates a strict safety management system to reduce exposure to these risks; however, we cannot completely mitigate all of them. It is important you are aware that these risks and hazards may lead to injury, serious harm and, in some cases, even death. Specific risks include but are not limited to:

– Vehicle accidents, falls up to 50m (150ft), zipline collisions, entanglement in equipment, adverse weather effects, slips and falls, falling debris, staff errors, suspension trauma, and exposure to conservation practices.

Environment Considerations:

Tours occur in an old-growth forest subject to variable weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) potentially, including:
– Thunderstorms, including lightning, strong winds and gusts, light rain, heavy rain, hail and occasionally snow, extreme temperatures and humidity.

I/we are aware that Rotorua Canoipy Tours operates strict procedures and policies as part of its safety management plan of which:

  • I/we must comply with to keep myself and others safe
  • I/we agree all instructions given by Rotorua Canopy Tours’ trained guides/staff will be followed
  • I/we acknowledge that Rotorua Canopy Tours will take all reasonable and practical steps to ensure my safety while participating in this activity
  • I/we accept full responsibility for my actions or inactions and personal belongings
  • I/we understand that this tour is non-refundable if I/we choose not to complete it
  • I/we have read and understood the above risks/hazards, and environmental factors that could be encountered during my experience with Rotorua Canopy Tour. The activity occurs in a natural environment where unpredictable and uncontrollable events could cause death or serious harm.

More details about the risks/hazards involved, guest responsibilities and what the tour involves can be found here

I understand and am aware of the risks/hazards involved, guest responsibilities and physical requirements