Meet the team!

Each and every tour with Rotorua Canopy Tours is guided by two of our highly trained Kiwi guides from a range of different backgrounds. Regardless of where they have come from we put them through a rigorous induction program and run continual training to ensure all guides are competent and confident in all of our zipline safety systems.

Get to know the team at Rotorua Canopy Tours!

  • Hi, I’m Tarhys. When I’m not working I’ll be out fighting fires!

  • Hi, I'm Spencer. I'm a zipline guide. In my spare time, I love kiteboarding!

  • Hi, I'm Andre. I'm super passionate about the environment and I love ziplining!

  • Hi, I'm Josh. I love reading books and spending time grooming my beard!

  • Hi, I'm Sydney. I love spending time on my family farm on my days off!

  • Hi, I'm Cheynne. I love ziplining in the forest and chilling at the beach!

  • Hi, I’m Moerangi. I do a bit of zipline guiding and look after the social media!

  • Hi, I'm Jen. I recently travelled 1000km across Mongolia on horseback!

  • Hi, I'm Shane. I've guided over 2000 canopy tours - I just love ziplining!

  • Hi, I'm Jeff. I love spending time in the outdoors, especially tramping!

  • Hi, I'm Alex. I've been at Canopy Tours since the day we opened!

  • Hi, I'm Shanyn. I love riding horses when I'm not zipping around the forest!

  • Hi, I'm Cam. I have guided over 1000 zipline tours through the forest!

  • Hi, I'm Paul. I'm a ziplining guide. I love rock climbing on my days off!

  • Hi, I'm Bex. My favourite things to do are ziplining and riding my bike!

  • Hi, I'm Tonicha. I love camping on my days off from ziplining!

  • Hi, I'm Alice. I'm a ziplining guide who loves to make music on my guitar!

  • Hi, I'm Pip. I love going fishing at the beach on my days off ziplining!

  • Hi, I'm Luke. I'm a ziplining guide and love playing football!

  • Hi, I'm Kris. I have guided over 1000 ziplining tours. It is so much fun!

  • Hi, I'm Scott. I love to hunt for treasure when I'm not ziplining!

  • Hi, I'm Liv. I enjoy mountain biking when I'm not ziplining!

  • Hi, I'm Chloe. I love swimming and spending time at our awesome lakes!

  • Hi, I'm Scott. I love to hang out with my kids when I'm not ziplining!

  • Hi, I'm Dan. During NZ's winter I travel the world and rock climb!

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