Our Team



Our team are highly engaged and absolutely love their jobs. Our zipline guides are all kiwis who love the outdoors and have amazing personal stories and great information to share that brings the forest to life.

No matter their background, each of our guides go through a rigorous induction program and run continual training to ensure all guides are competent and confident in all of our zipline safety systems.

Our customer experience and office team pride themselves on delivering the best possible customer experience each and every time.


So, why don’t you get to know our zipline team….
  • Meet Guide Paul, Paul is our nature spotter. He has discovered a number of rare finds in the forest!

  • Meet Guide Zania, Zania loves mountain biking and hiking.

  • Meet Guide Luke, another of our fantastic guiding team who helped with the Ultimate tour build!

  • Meet Eloise, our Customer Experience Manager and a wizz on native plant knowledge!

  • Meet Guide Harry. Harry is a bird nerd and loves taking photos of our feathered friends on his days off.

  • Meet Guide Courtney. Courtney enjoys forest yoga and hiking.

  • Meet Guide Tanaya. Tanaya loves hanging out.

  • Say hello to Tegan. In a past life Tegan was in the circus.

  • Say hi to Sean. Sean has two thumbs and a great smile.

  • Meet Nui. Nui created the now infamous 'blue steel' pose.

  • Say hello to Nat. It's well known in these parts that Nat is the most graceful on the lines.

  • Meet Matty J. Matty loves gardening and minecraft.

  • Say hi to Matt. Matt enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset.

  • Say hello to Luisa. As you can see, Luisa is slightly taller than our handrail on the swing bridges.

  • Say hi Jess. Jess has infamously completed the most tours of all of the current guiding team.

  • Meet Kopi. Prounounced co-pee. Kopi enjoys forging and makes awesome knives.

  • Say hello to Jesse. Jesse loves playing cricket and once ate one.

  • Say hi to Dana. If you could fill a pool with anything, Dana would fill one with puppies cause they're so cute.

  • Meet Ash. Ash is our resident mechanic and captain of our summer football team.

  • Meet Aimee. Aimee has traveled the world zip-lining. Well, she used a plane but has worked in both hemispheres guiding zip-line tours.

  • Meet Marty. Marty is our Operations Manager making sure tours run smoothly.

  • Meet Pip, our Digital and Creative Manager. Pip looks after the website and all things digital.

  • Meet Paul Button, Canopy Tours General Manager. Paul loves to run and is currently training for a 100-mile race!

  • Meet Brooke. You wont see her round the office. Brooke lives on a remote island and looks after accounts.

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