Where to find Rotorua’s best pies

New Zealand is renowned for its delicious meat pies, and some of Rotorua’s Bakeries are highly regarded for being the best! Here are a few of our favourites known for serving some of the best meat pies in New Zealand:

Best meat pies in Rotorua:

  1. Golden Quality Bakery – Steak and cheese pie
  2. Springs Bakery – Butter chicken pie
  3. Guidough’s Bakery – Spinach and bacon quiche
  4. Daily Dose – Pork belly pie
  5. Patrick’s Pies Gold Star Bakery – Sweet lamb curry pie
  6. Okere Falls Store – Lamb and mint pie

1. Golden Quality Bakery

Top pick: Steak and cheese pie

Golden Quality Bakery is your classic kiwi bakery with exceptional pies. The pastry is light and fluffy and pies are always super fresh. A local favourite, this is a ‘must stop’ pie shop! 

Location: 6 Brookland Road, Western Heights, Rotorua

Golden Quality Bakery - Brooklyn

2. Springs Bakery

Top pick: Butter chicken pie

Springs Bakery is a hidden gem! Their freshly baked goods are simply divine – from fluffy pastries to crusty bread. The friendly service and cozy atmosphere make every visit a delight. Don’t miss their mouthwatering pies! A must-try bakery that never fails to impress.

Location: 6/100 Fairy Springs Rd, Rotorua.

3. Guidough’s Bakery

Top pick: Spinach and bacon quiche

Guidough’s Bakery is a Swiss style artisan bakery in Rotorua, famous for its cinnamon rolls, sourdough bread, pastries and of cause pies! Guido and his team create artisan goods the way they have been made in his family for generations. Definitly worth a visit.

Location: 53/2 Springfield Road & 139 Ranolf Street, Rotorua.

rotorua bakery

4. Daily Dose

Top pick: Pork belly pie

Daily Dose is a fantastic bakery tucked away in the suburbs. They offer all the usual bakery fare including delicious pies, quiches and increadible doughnuts!

Location: 2/22 kokako street, Rotorua

5. Patrick’s Pies Gold Star Bakery

Top pick: Sweet lamb curry pie

Patrick’s Pies have the most incredible selection of pies around, not surprising that they have won the Supreme Pie Award for New Zealand a whooping 7 times! This pie shop is so popular, don’t be late for lunch as the most popular flavours sell our quick.

Location: 89 Old Taupo Road, Rotorua.

patricks pies

6. Okere Falls Store

Top pick: Lamb and mint pie

Okere Falls Store is serious about good, healthy food. They always use fresh, local produce and have an impressive array of NZ craft beer available. This cafe ticks all the boxes – a really interesting and delicious menu, fresh and varied cabnet food and superb coffee. Most important, of cause, top notch pies!

Location: 757A State Highway 33, Okere Falls.

okere falls store

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