100% satisfaction guaranteed

Every Canopy Tours experience is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back

Canopy Tours is an amazing experience. There’s no other activity in NZ that will take you out of your comfort zone, connect the people around you and immerse you into one of NZ’s oldest, restored native forests.  Our goal is to deliver the best visitor experience in NZ.

Since opening in 2012, we’ve hosted over 200,000 customers, received over 7000 reviews, won 7 national tourism awards, and been named #1 Nature Activity on the planet! Even with all the accolades, our team remains humble. We are a bunch of passionate people, who work out of their skins every day to make your experience as memorable as possible. This is not a  gimmick, there are no smoke and mirrors. This is us backing our experience and allowing you to experience Canopy Tours with risk-free confidence.

So how does it work?


It’s super simple.

If you weren’t 100% satisfied with your Canopy Tours experience, just send us an email and our General Manager, Paul Button will get in touch to ask for your feedback.

Experience a 1st generation native forest from the forest floor to the tops of the canopy.
22 meters up an ancient rimu tree is the Original Canopy Tour’s highest platform.
We will drive you from our base to the secret forest entrance
Absolutely incredible in rain or shine – we will kit you out with top quality wet weather gear to keep you warm, dry and smiling.
Challenge yourself – Step off backwards down the longest of 6 ziplines on the Original Canopy Tour.
Every customer contributes to the restoration of the forest – over 250 hectares is now under pest control, thanks to you!
The Original Canopy Tour is perfect for team building, education and small groups.
We want your memories to last for a lifetime. All the photos we take on tour are yours… FREE!
Handfeeding native wild birds is another customer highlight on the Original Canopy Tour.
The Original Canopy Tour connect people of all ages – from 6 – 96 years old!
Our Canopy Tours small and personal – 10 people maximum per tour.
Stairs to nowhere can have your legs shaking, but our kiwi guides will be there to hold your hand if needed.
The Original Canopy Tour is a secluded experience – just you, your small tour group and surrounded by incredible nature.
Our experienced guides are all kiwis, they will look after you and share stories about the forest that will bring your experience to life.
This is truly an experience of a lifetime – every kiwi and visitor should experience the magic for themselves.

Just a few reasons why we’re so confident in our experience


Over our 9 years of operating, we have collected nearly 5,500 TripAdvisor reviews of which 97% are 5 stars. Over the last 2 years, we’ve been named one of the Top 10 Activities in the South Pacific. In 2021 we have exceeded expectations and received two remarkable awards. The Original Canopy Tour has been named the #1 Nature Activity in the World. The Ultimate Canopy Tour has been named the 11th Best Experience in the World Overall.

Our guides are the coolest people in Aotearoa and are passionate about our conservation and their visitor experience. They are highly trained to keep you safe, make you smile, teach you amazing things and create memories that last you a lifetime. Also, our conservation project in this ancient native forest gets better by the day. By coming on the experience, you become part of the conversation journey to restore and preserve the forest.

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