Rotorua forest zipline: How to overcome your fears

Is your fear of heights the only thing that is stopping you coming to check out our Rotorua forest zipline tours? Well, we can assure you that if you are afraid of heights you are not alone and everyday we have people just like you on our tour.

Our Rotorua forest zipline guides have become professionals at helping our guests overcome their fear of heights. In fact, they actually love it when there are people on their tours that have this fear. The guides will tell you the first Rotorua forest zipline is the hardest zip line to overcome but by the last zip line you will be zipping backwards and maybe even hanging upside down!

Here are my top five tips to help you get over your fear of heights on a forest canopy tour:

1. Face your fear

The only way that you will get over a fear of heights is by tackling it head on. The more time you spend up in the canopy, the more at ease you will feel. Our Rotorua forest zipline guides are there to help so tell them you have a few nerves and they will talk you through everything and make you feel at ease, and even lend a hand wherever you need.

Did you know….

Training, reviews and assessments are on-going for all staff no matter how long they have been in the business. Our most experienced guides have safely escorted over 12,000 people each through the Canopy Tour so there is a huge amount of experience within our ranks!

2. Go second or third

The best way to get over your fear is not to wait too long for your turn. Watch someone else go, then go yourself. This will allow you to see how everything works, then its your turn right away. Don’t wait till last as this gives you too much time to work yourself up.

Did you know….

The first zip line is the hardest, once you get through the first zip line you will be having the time of your life!

3. Keep breathing

Breathing is ideal in any situation, but never underestimate the calming effect of a few deep breaths while your guides are getting you ready to go. Remember to listen to your guides – they will talk you through everything so you can focus on you! Their job is to make you feel like you’re safe and in good hands.

Did you know….

The New Zealand Adventure Activity Regulations came into effect in 2010 of which Rotorua Canopy Tours is registered, audited and certified.

4. Focus on something steady

Whether it be a tree or the platform at the other end, it is great to focus on something out in front of you. This will keep you from looking down (or closing your eyes) and allow you to take in the spectacular view during your Rotorua forest zipline tour.

Did you know….

We have top of the line equipment and structures that is checked and audited regularly.

5. Trust the equipment

The harnesses, carabiners, ziplines and all of the rest of the gear we use is rated to hold huge amounts of weight. They are checked and tested regularly and your guides are highly trained professionals; safety is our main priority. Once you feel you can trust the equipment, you’ll feel much more comfortable being at heights.

Did you know….

Our Rotorua forest zipline tours have a maximum of 10 guests – each tour is personal with friendly conversations and amazing support from the guides

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