NZ fungi found at Canopy Tours

Rotorua Canopy Tours takes you deep into the native forest where there are many different forms and species of NZ fungi.

Best experience in the South Pacific – Canopy Tours Rotorua Ziplines

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Things to do in Rotorua at night

Fun doesn’t stop in Rotorua when the sun goes down. Here are a few ideas to help you out with some things to do in Rotorua at night.

Forest zipline safety and equipment

how to slow down when ziplining

Safety is our number one, core value at Canopy Tours forest zipline. And, I’m sure that runs through most of our guests minds before booking one of our experiences. Most people look at the photos, read the reviews and chat to others they know who have been on the tour before making a judgement on the safety of an experience. We thought we would lay it out here for you. We have done a heap of research, training and tested all sorts of equipment in the forest to ensure that you are in the safest hands and the safest equipment there is to offer.

How do you slow down when ziplining? (flying fox NZ)

Zipline experiences are becoming increasingly popular around the world, each of them different. Climate, forest type, man-made structures, tree-based platforms, and engineering feats all contribute to the unique operation of each experience. At Rotorua Canopy Tours, safety is paramount to our operation, including the system used to slow you down as you arrive on a platform.

NZ native birds

At Canopy Tours our beautiful ancient forest is filled with all sorts of NZ native birds including Kereru, Tui, North Island Robin, Kaka, Long-tailed Cuckoo, tomtits and fantails.

Canopy conservation Phase 2

In October 2015 Canopy Tours invested in a new range of automated traps from Goodnature. Ready for phase 2 of the conservation programme.

Conservation project Phase 3

In October 2016 after months of hard work the Rotorua Canopy Tours team implemented phase three of their pest trapping programme.

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