Twilight Zipline Tour

Rotorua ziplines original canopy tour

A new way to experience the forest!

Have you experienced an ancient forest at night? Or been on a Canopy Experience and want to come back and try something different? You can now book a Twilight Zipline Tour.

The twilight tour captures that magical period between daylight and darkness. The forest undergoes a mesmerizing transition as the sun’s light gradually fades and the boundaries between day and night blur. Birds return to their nests, bidding farewell to the fading sun, while nocturnal creatures emerge from their daytime retreats, ready to explore the darkened realm.


Let us take you on a journey…

You will depart in the daylight on the award-winning Original Canopy Tour. During the 3 hour multi-layered adventure, you’ll embark on ziplines, swing bridges, tree-based platforms, and have unique interactions with nature inside our ancient forest.

Hear ruru (native owl) call as the darkness brings a micro-lens-focus to life with torchlight. Details in the trees and unique bugs are more exciting, and the rush of flying through the dark is like no other! On a clear night, the moonlight electrifies the forest, and the stars put on a dazzling display.

If you fear spiders and insects, you will be out of your comfort zone on this experience. These creepy-crawlies emerge at night and occupy nocks and crannies of tree trunks and platforms. An exciting world we tend to tread right past in daylight.

Due to the changing conditions of the forest during the twilight hours, we have an age limit of 10 years and a weight limit of 110 kg on the Twilight Zipline Tours.

We supply head torches, warm clothing and wet weather gear (if needed) as well as all your safety equipment. Your guides will be there every step of the way to make sure you are safe, comfortable and having a blast!


Weight or age restrictions?

Due to changing light conditions at twilight time, please see below for the restrictions for The Twilight Zipline Tour:


  • Maximum weight limit of 110kg.
  • Minimum age of ten years old. 
  • Children (15 years and under) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (16 years or over).
How physically fit do I need to be?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer an experience to almost everybody. Our two ours require different levels of fitness.


The Twilight Zipline Tour requirements:

  • Are you able to raise both legs to a seated position?
  • Would you be comfortable going for a one hour forest walk or hill walk?
  • Can you easily walk up 3 flights of stairs unassisted?

…If you answered Yes to these questions, the Twilight tour is perfect for you. 


Still have questions about your ability or fitness, please contact us prior to making your canopy walk Rotorua  booking.

Which tour is for me?

The Twilight Zipline Tour is a different experience to our day time tours. We suggest it for:

  • Those who have done our tours during the day before and want to come back to experience something different. 
  • People who what to experience the forest and its creatures at night.
  • People with limited time looking for a night time adventure. 








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