Reasons To Choose Rotorua Canopy Tours Zipline

by | May 13, 2022 | Rotorua, Rotorua Canopy Tours, Zipline

Canopy Tours is an incredible Rotorua zipline adventure, based here in Rotorua. There are many reasons why you should give it a go and come back to experience it again! You would probably say that I am biased which in a lot of ways is correct.  But I’m also in a position where I have experienced a lot of adventure tourism activities and within that, I have seen a fair few zipline courses.   Anyway, to get stuck in, here are a few reasons why you should choose Canopy Tours as your Rotorua zipline adventure.

We don’t want to be the busiest zipline business

What started as humble beginnings in 2012 with the co-founder James Fitzgerald knocking on campervan doors begging backpackers to come on the tours. we have zipped 231,332 visitors through both tours.  I would like to say we have zipped the most people in the country, but to be honest, I don’t know, and that accolade doesn’t bother us.  We could put our tour departures closer together and get more clients through our course, but that is not why we are here.  The experience wouldn’t feel as special.

We are here to make people feel important, to take them into the wilderness and allow them to forget about their lives and connect with those around them.  Every other zipline in Rotorua and NZ the product with connecting with farmland, a public area, or a busy parking lot.  For us it’s different, you head into an ancient forest, and you will not see anyone before you, or after you and it’s like ziplining through a pre-historic land accompanied by your loved ones and two kick-arse kiwi guides.

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The Crew

Our sophistication as a business is tied up a lot in our team culture. We go hard on trying to create a culture our customers feel, and we do that by working on the team’s emotions and our overall purpose as a business.  To some people, it may sound corny but for us, I think it’s a huge success story.  Our guides all buy into our purpose of changing the way people see a forest and connecting people.  Some guides have a stringer draw in either direction, but they all buy into both in some way, shape or form.

We deliver our tours in guide teams of two and what we know is that we need all our guides to gel to keep delivering 10/10 tours.  We have done a bunch of fun stuff with our team over the years to connect them,  like staff parties and sporting teams.  But we have always worked hard to improve the team culture and we’ve ended up with some great initiatives that have supported the emotionally and given them the support to deliver great experiences and to grow as people.  Check out my blog on our team culture.

The Reviews

You’re only as good as your fans and our reviews prove that we’re a great option to zipline in Rotorua.  We keep track of our review sights, and we reply to every single review.  I find the reviews are inspiring and compared to other activity companies, our reviews are so deep and emotional that they make you so proud to be involved in Canopy Tours.    

On Tripadvisor, we currently have 6020 reviews and an unbelievable 97.38% of them are 5 stars.  On Google, we have 1298 reviews, and we average 4.9/5 stars, on Facebook we have 696 reviews and the average is 5/5.  Our reviews are all replied to by our guides and our customer experience team.   They need to get feedback from their guests to understand how good the experiences are.  Although sometimes they feel awkward doing it, it’s so connecting for them to have that follow up.

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The Conservation Project

We are the leaders in the regenerative tourism space in NZ. The ziplines courses are in a 180 hectare, old-growth forest that before we started to operate was uncared for, unloved and certainly unknown.  Back then we discovered that the forest was so infested with rats and possums that we removed 800 pests in one week of trapping work.  From there we had to get smarter about how we went about things to efficiently remove all the pests from the forest.  

At the time, the forest was silent with no birdlife, but now the regeneration is obvious.  We have enough Tomtit’s and North Island Robin there we have a permit to hand feed them.  When our guests do zipline in Rotorua they can all do this in every experience.  We now have a family of fantails that follow all our guests as they walk into the 1st zipline.  We have a bunch of less common birds that are more prevalent now, these include the NZ Falcon, the Grey Warbler, Whiteheads, Shining and Long-tailed Cuckoo, we have even seen the odd Kaka in there. 

I could go on and on here as the forest is in such great health and you can see that with the various forest layers and the guides will tell you story after story of new findings of rare invertebrates, fungi, skinks and even bats.  The great news with the restoration project is that the forest is getting better and better every day that we are in there as our trapping network of 850 traps is all baited and ready to go.  Guests that have returned after a year or so can see a noticeable distance in the forest health.

I feel like I have talked about everything but the actual zip lines in Rotorua.  To be honest for us it makes a lot of sense as we know Canopy Tours is more than just the ziplines.  We know that the ziplines are the hook that draws people in.  But after they have experienced Canopy Tours they leave with the engagement of the guides, the conservation of the story, and the connection they had with those around them.  

I remember when I first did the experience, I enjoyed it and thought it was a good product.  It’s a magical product and please don’t take my word for it, you can always try it risk-free since our experience is guaranteed to meet your expectations or we’ll give your money back.  

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